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    Sorry for my reply.

    This is strange web-page, but why you think that it's can be a scam?

    How do you get this link (?! was there something strange or was valid process?);

    Such as it was auto-update of F-Secure?! Or other more suspicious variants (which can be tricks?!).


    Anyway -> if there can be questions about certs of https.

    It's signed by (?! how it normally called ?!) F-Secure's "in-house" CA ; Such as for test-purposes?! or internal?

    And it's can be valid page (for F-Secure software) or can be trusted for you.. but not for browser's storage of certificates. Such as.. signed by F-Secure for F-Secure (or something same).

    It was main reason for "scam"-dreams?


    Also.. there (under community) was same topics about. Probably it also was with same explanation around.

    And how I remember.. there was words.. that it's planned to be more "nice view" and not like it have now.

    Also executable-file also looks like normal ones. Around same hash and normal valid signed certificate.

    And same installer you can download from official page of F-Secure Freedome about trial-time/main/official/latest executable file (under F-Secure website). There I mean: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/freedome


    BUT maybe F-Secure team/people can to give more normal answer about.

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