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I just had something bizzare happen to me.

My PC started playing some techno/dance music track. I did not have any music player programs (itunes, win media player ect) open at the time, it is not the sort of thing i would listen to and i did not recognize it So it is extremely unlikely that it was playing from my music library.

My first thought was that it was a advert in a browser tab, but none of the open tabs showed the speaker symbol and when i closed the browser the music did not stop.

I closed the open programs (both start bar programs and quick launch icons one by one) none of these stopped the music.

A while later the tune faded out in the same way that you would expect some songs to end (suggesting that i did not cause it to stop).

Does this sound like malware?
Fsecure was running while this was happening and showed no alerts.

Windows 7


  • Simon
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    I'm guessing it was a pop up (or pop-under) ad which was playing the music, but I would have thought it should have stopped when you closed all of your browser windows.  Try a scan with and see if anything comes up.

  • Ukko
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    What if there can be point.. that after closing a browser (as example Google Chrome or Blink-core-based browsers).. Chrome.exe process still work. And it's mean still work "malicious" addon/extension, which goes to play a music.

    Such as... it's strange description and indeed.. most likely explanation.. can be that there any "payloads" from recent installations. And it's can be something as plugins/addonds/extensions for browser. Does you have experience about re-check this one?

    And also....:


    -> Does music start to play after a launch system (if browsers does not autorun with system)?

    -> Does you have experience with re-check processes under Task Manager for some kind of "visible" reason.

    -> And re-check situation around "installed" software under Control Panel - what if there also visible reason.


    Also.. maybe if MBAM will be not helpful. You can to re-check system with HitmanPro scanner. It's can not be too much helpful (because there just trial-time can be with "trial"-license) about known malicious files (because it's should be known for F-Secure too?!) - but can be that some of "plugins"/strange settings can be detected by this tool too.


    Sorry for my reply.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello iconofsin,


    This could have indeed be a pop-up ad that you would missed when closing the browser. A full system scan would be advisable to be on the safe-side.

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