Is the Virgin Media deal only available to new F-Secure customers?



A little backstory for context: A few weeks ago I reformatted the machines I have at home and - needing some new security software - I decided to give F-Secure a look. I registered and installed the SAFE trial and ended up loving it. At the same time, we made the switch to Virgin for our new ISP and I noticed they offer a free year of SAFE to their customers, but I can't seem to find a way to activate that without setting up a new account on the F-Secure site (the "already have it" button on the Virgin website just dumps me to the same page as the register one).


Is this deal only available to people who have never registered to use F-Secure before? If not, what do I need to do in order to get things going? 


  • Simon
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    I can't give you a definite answer to this, because I don't know for sure, but about a year to 18 months ago, Virgin Media customers who used Virgin Media Security were offered the free year when VMS switched to F-Secure.  There is a walkthrough here on how to switch from VMS to F-Secure:



    I believe you have to login to your Virgin portal, and use the link from there to get to the F-Secure SAFE portal.  Going straight to the SAFE portal without using the Virgin link would not trigger the free year.


    Whether this still applies to new Virgin Media customers now, is what I'm uncertain about, but I guess you have nothing to lose by attempting to go through the process.  I've not actually done it myself, so I'm not sure how you switch from the trial version to the full version of F-Secure SAFE, but as you would have only registered for the trial version, is there anything stopping you re-registering via the process detailed above, for the free year?

  • Hey, thanks for the reply!


    I tried following the links on the Virgin Portal, but unfortunately the page they lead to doesn't seem to provide any way to get the free year without registering a new account. If worst comes to worst I guess I will have to go ahead and do that, but I thought it would be worth checking in here beforehand.

  • Simon
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    It might be worth sending in a Support Ticket and they may be able to work some magic for you.  Unfortunately, it's not something we can do here on the forum.

  • Ben
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    Hello FoolsGambit,


    In order to benefit from Virgin Media's offer, you will need to create a new account through the links provided by Virgin Media. You cannot unfortunately use an already existing account.

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