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hi, just renewed for 2 years yesterday but wont let me install says invalid subscription key maybe key for another computer - but i only have 1 computer!??? any ideas??


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    Hello Corky,


    Could you tell us which product you are using?

    A screenshot of the error could also be helpful. Make sure to edit the subscription key out before posting the picture.

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    Also, try typing the key in rather than copying and pasting.
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    hi ben, it is fsecure safe i have renewed
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    I think.. maybe you have to try something as F-Secure Uninstallation Tool (Link to ftp.) ; but maybe you should to wait more visible response from F-Secure team.

    Can it's be that.... previous installed F-Secure security-application was "F-Secure Internet Security"? Or F-Secure SAFE, but with other "credentials" (?!) - if it possible with your situation.


    How I remember... something same was about different versions of F-Secure (or different "original" subscription - such as.. when it was not really renewed as auto-added time.. but new one license key). Or something else?! but it was fixed by "cleaning" for previous installed applications before new try to install. Maybe there can be steps.. with less "hardpoints".

    Also.. if you have installed F-Secure KEY - it also will be removed by F-Secure Uninstallation Tool (and there required to get backup for F-Secure KEY before use the tool).



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    F-Secure SAFE subscription key can not be entered into the client, you must use it at the SAFE portal. If it's SAFE client, it should not even have the option to enter key. If it's Internet Security client, it will not accept the key.



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