Freedome blocks MMS on Android

Freedome blocks MMS on Android Samsung Galaxy s5 in the USA. When Freedome protection is on MMS is blocked in both directions. When Freedome protection is off  MMS can be sent and received as before. I am not sure if this is a port issue or a Verizon issue. (contacting Verizon was not helpful). If there is a setup work around I have not found it. If it is a port issue detailed instructions would be helpful. 



  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello @Jim52  


    This issue seems to be ISP specific. It could be that Verizon allows MMS only from within their own network.


    I also found this thread and also this one which could be related to your problem.


    PS : I moved your post to the appropriate board.

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    Ben, Which board was this thread moved to.


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    Hi Jim52,


    From what I recall this thread was started in the Security board. I just moved it to Freedome board. I tag you on it so that your subscription to it would still be valid.

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    So far no real help. I have investigated using a proxy MMS server however I have not found a provider that supports Verizon and/or otherwise don't work. Other options I have started looking at are alternate messaging app like Whatsapp (these might require a different message number). However it would be much easier if I could find a solution that works without such workarounds.

  • TonyRTonyR Posts: 3

    Having a Sony Xperia Z, Android  5.0.2.

    MMS get blocked, can't recieve or send MMS when Freedome is active. 

    Using Swedish Telia as phone network.

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