Freedome blocking Sonos Songaz on iOS

Getting error message "Unable to browse music." with Freedome over Sonos Songaz music streaming service with Apple iOS 8 devices. Any guidance on trouble shooting?




  • Tehfcae
    Tehfcae Posts: 107 Contributor

    From what I gather from Songza's website they use location data from both IP address and GPS. When the app gets two different locations from these, which will happen with a VPN, the app can crash or not allow access. At any rate the issue is not with Freedomes as they do not do any filtering aside from torrent filtering in a few specific locations. The issue is that Songza would not work with any VPN. You should contact them and notify them that their app does not work when connected to a VPN.


    Their contact page:

  • bdeflin
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    Very helpful! Thank you very much.
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