False Positive Detection of URL and Executable-Not Fixed



Our Website URL and Main executable is wrongly flagged as malicious.


I have used your online portal for submitting the false postive detection and mailed to the appropriate email address.No response.one of our mutual customer is experiencing an issue.Please fix this problem soon.


I will PM the link to the apprpriate member.Please help get this issue resolved ASAP.






  • etomcat
    etomcat Posts: 147 Superuser



    > No response


    The F-SAS online samples webportal gives a response in e-mail, but only if you log in there (register a username). Otherwise any fixing is done silently.


    It is also worth checking at Virustotal.com for the big picture, because sometimes more than one antivirus brand will alert on a given URL or file and you may have to contact other vendors, too.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher.

  • matrixer
    matrixer Posts: 2

    The results are clean in Virust total.The executable is not flagged under normal scan but under deepscan.

    Is there any moderator i can ping to help this case sorted out fast. 

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