DeepGuard of recommendations for improvement

Although currently joined DeepGuard cloud identification feature, but for some unknown threat or not defense, so I put it, I hope you improve DeepGuard, DeepGuard strengthen the current complex Trojan defense.
1.Do not wait for user interaction or require any form of
2. Perform or termination does not show any type of user interface
3. Copy or move the file c: \ WINDOWS \ or C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \
4.There is an unrelated type of icon - for example, a process which has clips icon5. Run the code in another process's memory space to a higher authority to run
5.Run the file has been created and stored in a binary file information
6.self copy
7.trying hidden from the application enumeration
8. C language and tried to delete a registered driver: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \
9. DLL injection to install the driver software by malicious third-party applications
10. The program seeks to make low-level disk access.
11.Detect and blocks attempts to change critical system files and registry entries action, but the action will prompt DLL injection
12.Unauthorized trying to access memory
13.Unauthorized attempts to access the COM object
14.Unauthorized try to access the Windows Registry
15.Unauthorized trying to access the system A PI
F-Secure 16.Attempt kill process
17.Attempt injected into the process
18.Unauthorized attempt to modify the user account password
19. Lock the user's screen blackmail malicious software
F-Secure may wish to adopt part of my proposal, so F-Secure become every user --- irreplaceable the protection.
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