Customize Banking Protection


The beta has been great so far but I have some feedback that are good ideas. What about giving the user the choice to add a banking url to the banking protection settings. For example, banking protection is not activated when I go to my local banks website.


I would find that feature highly desirable, thank you.


  • brandon2cool

    Thanks for the reply, I have sent the url for analazysis a few months ago. 

  • Ukko
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    So... it's can be....

    And it's still not trigger a Banking Protection?


    Do you have experience with "account"-creating under F-Secure SAS? With current variant.. there should be response by F-Secure Labs (to your mail-address)?! What if they decided.. that it's not a banking webpage or something else?

    Or what about URL - does current website work with HTTPS (?) or maybe you able to create link for this (under private letter as example)? Maybe it's just local trouble?


    Anyway... it's can be that F-Secure SAS does not provide proper rating after two-three (more) months.


    I also.. wait about some of "results" about URLs  already (but not just one.. and such as "list of them"; just about unknown/unrated or false-positive about rating; but not about Bankign Protection... with BP-links also was long waiting for one of them.. and speedy reaction for another three)...... probably.. already six months (or maybe already a little be more). And for "partly"-fix this..  I have experience with two re-ask letters (... or maybe three?!). Smiley Sad

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