Wannna see what my f-secure homescreen looks like?

Here it is:

f secure home screen.PNG

How am I supposed to send my software to my devices when it looks like that?




  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,654 Superuser
    Which browser are you using? I have a similar problem with SeaMonkey on that page, but it works fine in Internet Explorer. I believe it's something to do with frames and browser compatibility.
  • tt2tt2 Posts: 12
    I want 100% of my money back now.

    Because of the bug on your web page I described above, it will not let me open a support ticket or contact support. Don't tell me to contact support through a web page that won't let me unless you're posting a direct email address to such. support I am disputing the charges with my credit card provider tomorrow, and am looking into what other remedies I have available to me,. Quite simply you took my money but did not make the product available to me as promised (5 devices) and further you refused to provide me with a way to obtain support, since chat never answers but just disconnects and I cannot contact them through email. This is therefore the only avenue I have to notify you that the charges on my card are being disputed and I am demanding a full refund. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, I HAVE OTHER MORE DRASTIC LEGAL REMEDIES AVAILABLE TO ME WHICH I CAN INITIATE UNILATERALLY AND WITHOUT FURTHER NOTIFICATION .
  • tt2tt2 Posts: 12

    Want to see the contact page form with the country drop down that never responds, thus blocking access to filing a help ticket? Here- this is the page you said I should not be seeing; this is the ONLY page that has EVER been on the contact link and it has NEVER permitted me past the broken coutry code request drop down:

    wanna see what the contact us link takes you to.PNG

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,654 Superuser

    I know you're out pf patience with this, and I've seen your other post (they don't work over weekends, by the way), but out of curiosity, what is the URL of the page you posted the screenshot of?  The Country dropdown works fine for me here: 



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