F-Secure Freedome, IP address ( Netherlands, Amsterdam )

Recently, IP address server Netherlands is blacklisted, because of this there is a problem when you visit certain Web sites. Suggestions for developers to have solved this problem.

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  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    What is the service  you are using to determine that the IP is blacklisted?


    We would need as much information about this as possible to investigate this.



  • waver1derwaver1der Posts: 14
    Check the website: http://whoer.net/?lang=ru or http://2ip.ru/spam/
    Netherlands ( Amsterdam ) in the black list for about a week.
  • TapsaTapsa Posts: 82 F-Secure Employee



    Thank you for letting us know. We'll check this further and request de-blacklisting. It seems that one of our users has had an infected computer and used our Dutch virtual location.





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