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I thought that I give some feedback on getting support on F-Secure Key product problems. I'm a F-Secure Key premium subscriber,  andI've tried to get some issues solved.I've posted a question elsewhere and this post is more about the experience of the product support.


I first searched the knowledge base, but there was no answers to my question. In the community there was a similar question, but it had not been answered for some time. So I decided to write an emal to F-Secure support and I got rather quickly a reply that for all the Key related  questions I should use the community.


I tried to log in to community with my F-Secure password (MySafe), but it did not work, so I left it for a week. Since there was not responce yet to the similar question in the community  yet, I decided to call the support helpdesk. But there I was again told that they do not support there the Key and adviced to try to create a new username for the community, which worked.


From my challenges in getting support, I would like to give the following feedback to F-Secure:

1. Please provide support to paying customers through a help desk.

2. If that is not possible, make it clear on your website that the helpdesk does not support Key neither by phone nor email on your support pages (preferably also already when people are buying the product)

3. On the community log in page explain that the MySafe account does not work here.

4. Answer questions quicker 






  • it_aint
    it_aint Posts: 18 New Member

    Their support is a joke! They don't care if you are a paying customer they just want the $

  • rimbo_ron
    rimbo_ron Posts: 2 New Member

    Jokes i can laugh at,but trying to get help after sale is discussing,pity such a good programme as f-secure is spoit by ignoring the customer. The after SALES i feel is diabolical. Will certainly not renew unless things change. 

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