F-Secure Safe cannot browse network

I'm F-Secure Safe genuine users, in the My SAFE to download and install the SAFE, my computer is a ASUS laptop, is the Chinese version of windows 8.1 to 64, after the installation of the SAFE: some web pages can not be normal browsing, such as some can download the file in the download to 97% when the left and right of theinterrupted download, some video web did not watch the video, such as www.youku.com and Youtube, can open the page, but can not play video. If I uninstall SAFE and all web pages can browse, video is soon to open and play. This is a problem, how to solve?


  • Ben
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    Hello Hongtao,


    Do you get any specific error when the video cannot  play or pages cannot be loaded?

    Which web browser(version) are you having issue with?


  • Hongtao
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    Thank you for your attention to my question.


    The premise:

    Asus notebook computer

    WINDOWS 8.1 Chinese version 64

    IE browser version 11

    Chrome browser


    Problem description:

    Just install the full normal operating system, installed immediately after installation, F-SECURE SAFE, found that many web pages can not be normal loading, some mainstream Q video site video can not be normal play, there are some normal file cannot be complete download.



    These files can not download properly:

    http://dldir1.qq.com/qqfile/qq/QQ7.0/14275/QQ7.0. exe

    http://download.taobaocdn.com/wangwang/AliIM2014_taobao (8.00.43C).Exe

    Wait, not these...

    These video sites can not play video:




    If you uninstall F-SECURE SAFE, the problem is solved all.



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert



    In order to better investigate the problem, could you open a support ticket and provide an fsdiag of the system when F-secure is installed.

  • Hongtao
    Hongtao Posts: 3

    Have been submitted, thank you.

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