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My iPad Freedome just automatically subscribed for another year and additionally gave me an offer to use Windows version 3 months for free. Got instructions and code, downloaded and installed. Code is not valid, though --> "Code was not correct. Try again." Shows only standard trial - now 11 days left. 


  • freddyj99

    I received a promotional 3 month code from for trial on my Windows 7 platform.  However, after setting up the program and entering the code, I was told it was invalid.  I thought it might just be a glitch, so I signed up under a different email address, received another code, entered it and again was told it was invalid.  This is the first time I have ever used or set up Freedome on my machine, so I'm not trying to get anything extra or "game the system", just the 3 months I was told I would receive.  Can you please help me with this?

  • freddyj99

    Hmm.  It's been a week, and no replies from F-Secure. 


    I have already searched the forum for this issue, and believe I truly have a valid complaint, yet the only remedy to my problem is an impersonal forum.  It also seems like I'm far from the only person with this issue, as there are at least 10 others with the same problem.


    If this is any indication of the kind of support F-Secure provides for its products, why would I buy a subscription?

  • nikke
    nikke Posts: 2

    I just get messages from your replies: "There's a new reply - does this solve your problem". :-( 


    I don't see how the user community could help with invalid license codes?


    I have 2 days left of Windows trial, then it's byebye Freedome. 

  • Tehfcae
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    Most subcription issues I have seen on this forum have been solved by Ben, a community manager, through a private message.


    You can send him a private from here:

  • [Deleted User]
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    This problem should now be fixed on our end and the vouchers valid now. 


    Sorry for the slow reply on that matter.

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