Release of a new version for SAFE, Internet Security, Anti-virus

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We are starting today (8th of April) the automatic upgrade to a new version for SAFE (including Virgin), Internet Security and Anti-Virus. This upgrade will take place over the next few weeks and will be received automatically.


This new release includes the following features:

  • Banking Protection improvements
  • Parental control can block computer use, as well as browsing time
  • New dialogs when viruses and other malware are detected



  • baroque-quest
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    Is there any way to force it to update? The usual update mechanism does not accomplish this.

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    Hello Baroque-quest,


    Running network installer won't anymore trigger the upgrade. Therefore SAFE users will have to wait that the throttling in place allows them to receive the new version.


    EDIT: correction


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    Here are the release notes for this version.

  • baroque-quest
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    Thanks to Ben for both the the initial reply and the release notes. I suggest that some way to force an update be added to IS and AV, perhaps when someone manually initiates an update. I thought it strange that three PCs using the same license did not update in the same week.

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    Hi @baroque-quest 


    There is throttling mechanism that allows only certain amount of customers to receive the upgrade each day. However, all licenses under the same customer should be marked to be upgraded at the same time.


    There is probably something in the client that prevents it from starting the upgrade. Previous failed attempt (and no reboot) or not enough disk space will do that.



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  • NikK
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    Same issue here. FS on my PC was upgraded 3 days ago but still nothing on the other one under the same license.


    Suggestions about the improved Product Timeline:

    - Harmful file name is missing. See EICAR test below (Harmful file removed)

    - Blocked web site info is missing info about what program and main URL that triggered the block. I tested the FS test site both directly in the address bar and loaded by a frame in another html page. From the log info you can't tell them apart.



  • jdc2
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    Upgrade notice on one of 3 machines only. Upgrade successful, but no notices on other two on my license. Any way of waking up the ugrader?  2 - Win 8.1, 1 - Win 7.

  • thank you

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