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I am running F-Secure SAFE on my mobile. The app appears to be working great and have this running on both my laptop and my partners tablet. The only problem I appear to be having is that it keeps bringing up a notification telling me a manual scan is required and can't seem to find an option to set an automatic scan which could run in the middle of the night. Can anyone advise further?


  • Simon
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    I'm not sure how old this article is, and whether it's still valid for SAFE, but in a PDF for 'F-Secure Mobile Security for Android', there is this:


    You can schedule a time to automatically scan your device for viruses and other malicious code at regular intervals.  You can scan your device at regular intervals, for example daily, weekly or monthly.  To set up a scheduled scan, follow these instructions:

    1. In the main view, select Virus protection.


    2. Select Scheduled scan.


    3. Select Scheduled scan to turn it on.


    4. In Scan interval, select how often you want to scan your device:
    • Daily - Scan the device every day.
    • Weekly - Scan the device on the selected weekday every week.
    • Monthly - Scan the device the first day of each month.


    5. In Scan time, set the time when the scan starts. The scheduled scan starts automatically and runs in the background.


    A notification message informs you each time a scheduled scan starts and ends.




    Let us know if that helps - or doesn't!  :)

  • Ry
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    Thanks for that. I have tried that and appears to run the scan during the night which is how I set it because it states when the last scan was run. However, I still keep getting notifications asking to rub a manual scan. Dont understand why?
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