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Many other VPN services have option to buy the service with bitcoins, why not make it possible with freedomeVPN, so anonymity paranoid people like me can have peace of mind. Smiley Happy currently subbed to Tunnelbear because of that feature, would prefer freedome over tunnelbear because i live in finland myself but now the only reason why i won't buy the subscription is because it requires me to give my credit card info. 


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    Just so you are aware, Canada, where tunnelbear is based, recently passed a controversial bill, C-51, that has many privacy concerns they may force personally identifiable logs on VPN connections to and from Canada. I do agree that F-secure Freedome should start accepting BTC, while I may not personally use it I think it should be accepted.
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    Yea I read about that from tunnelbear blog. :/
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    Thank you for the suggestion. We are regularly considering new payment ideas.


    Note that we already have multiple payment options available in our e-store, and you can also purchase through app-stores. Finally, we are selling the product through some retail stores where people can purchase Freedome with cash and doing so be fully anonymous.

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