F-secure not working with Teamspeak3 and eMule

Hi all,

I am having big time problems using Teamspeak3 and eMule.  

Win7 and pached, F-secure 2011 with latest updates, Profile = Home

Prior to using F-secure 2011 I used McAffee, which was uninstalled during the F-secure install process.

I have read the following articles and follwed them to the letter and I have produced Services that have been applied to the Home Profile (which seems like the appropriate profile):


Emule can connect, but has zero transfer rate. Teamspeak cannot connect to any known good servers.  Both programs are in Application control and are set to allow/allow.

I have briefly changed the Profile to Allow All and I have confirmed that both can connect and operate properly, so i know that the problem lies in a lack of port holes in F-Secure's firewall.

Teamspeak3 client in theory only needs 8767 open.  Emule needs a single UDP and TCP port opened in both directions (user defined port).

Where am i going wrong?  I have been able to replicate this behaviour on two machines.

If a program is logged by Application Control its port useage is noted and those ports are opened?  Therefore no Services need to be defined for these programs? But what about additional ports opened by the program for the first time after the inital flurry of useage after loading?



  • Janiashvili
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    Strange about eMule, as I could connect with IS 2011. And, plus, upgrade your anti virus to next year version

  • 2eemeli
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    You can get the latest installer for Internet Security from: http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/installers
  • I have followed the link and read all the relevant text.


    As I am getting F-Secure through my ISP, I will have to wait until they (the ISP) gives the go ahead with instructions.  So no 2012 for me Smiley Sad


    I have had some measure of sucess (but not really in my view):  If i change my profile from Home to Normal, Teamspeak and emule behave themselves.  As far as i can see, the significant difference is that Normal allows all outgoing TCP/UDP traffic but blocks incoming.  I feel uncomfortable with this level of openness, as we all know that some programs just LOVE to talk to home....


    I do not consider this a solution, but a bodge.  I still want to use the Home profile properly.  Ideas people?



  • MJ-perComp
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    Hi, Happy New Year!


    your concerns about software phoning home are basically right, but useless. If it really wants to call home it will do, using the available channels. Just see Skype: if finds a way to connect, regardless if you have a business firewall, a http proxy or other means. As long as the user is basically allowed to surf, skype will work.


    if you use the home profile you need to create a service "Teamspeak" first.

    - protocol: TCP

    - outbound ports: >1023

    - Answering port: 8787  (or what ever you teamspeak server requires)

    (you can also add several ports or ranges)


    then add a rule "TS-myServer"

    - allow

    - user defined IP < your TSserver's IP>

    - select the newly created "Teamspeak" service and klick three times on the "?" to allow "outbound"


    Now you should be done with TS.


    for eMule: DO NOT USE THAT SERVICE AT ALL! it is dangerous in general and is beeing hacked every now and then!

    To run eMule you need to open an inbound connection with outbound port < emule port> and answering ports ">1023"

    setup as above. But again: if you want to use emule you can even use not firewall...







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