Freedom doesn't work


Trial version was working well. After paying normal version it stopped working. When I'm putting it on, the result was "Your encrypted VPN connection cannot be created because of issues with network configuration (netsh.exe fails) please check that you have IPv6 traffic enabled". 


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    Hello Lilleri,


    Please review this article concerning the error you are facing.

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    If the issue persists after the steps Ben gives you  can try the following steps:


    1. Click start

    2. Type My PC (may also be listed as "my computer" or "this pc")

    3. Right click what is listed.

    4. Select "Manage"

    5. Go to the device manager.

    6. Under "Network Adapters" find your wireless driver.

    7. Right click your driver and select "update driver software"

    8. Then select Services from the left sidebar.

    9. Right click and restart the following services:

           DHCP client

           DNS Client

           WLAN Autoconfig


    Once those have restarted open command prompt as an administrator and type the following commands:

    1. ipconfig /flushdns

    2. netsh winsock reset

    3. netsh int ipv6 reset


    Then restart the machine. 


    Most of that process is redudant but it essiantially resets your computer's internet connection, including connection services, drivers, and stored caches. 

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