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Good morning, I want to purchase the F-secure Freedome. But I still have great doubts about its safety and effectiveness! And also for compatibility with my security suite (Internet Security and Malwarebytes). Do not want to buy a product for trouble in the future! Like to be informed in an objective and very sincere way. Thank you

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    I can vouch for the quality of the VPN. I use it on a windows laptop, iOS tablet, and Andriod phone and have never had any issues with my connection on any of my devices. I have also found through testing known malicous sites and trackers that malicous sites and trackers are being blocked as advertised.


    I use sophos antivirus and malwarebytes on my windows, lookout on my iOS, and various antimalware on my android and have never had any issue with freedome. If you purchuse the full F-secure antivirus the f-secure antivirus may conflict with internet security depending on the vendor and features for your internet security package. However, as freedome is a VPN, preforms blocking rather than scanning and is not an active antivirus it should not infer with antivirus/antimalware scanners.

    As for the safety and effectiveness I have never had any issues with the effectiveness of F-secure. I should mention that they are Finish based and therefore fall under EU data retention laws meaning that they are legally required to keep logs on everything. The logs may not be public record but they are still kept. This is not a safety issue however it is a privacy issue and I wanted to make sure you were aware.

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    I recently heard from a F-secure employee that F-secure actually does not have to follow the EU data law as they were given exception to the law. They are a no log company.
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