Freedome for Windows: IPv6-issues

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after deinstalling a different VPN-Software (OkayFreedom VPN), because of buying F-Secure Freedome for Windows, I get the following error message:


VPN initialisation error


Your encrypted VPN connection cannot be

created because of issues with network

configuration (netsh.exe fails). Please check

that you have IPv6 traffic enabled.“


I already have tried unluckily your troubleshooting from the site:“.


I also have deinstalled and again installed the software.


I had first installed OkayFreedom VPN and then installed Freedome.


What is with the days I couldn't use Freedome?


Do I get the days credited to my Freedome-account?


Can you please help me?






  • Tehfcae
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    Here are a few things that you can try:


    Make sure ipv6 is enabled:

    1. Open the network and sharing center through the control panel.

    2. Go to Change adapter settings.

    3. Right click the Freedome connection.

    4. Select properties.

    5. Make sure Internet Protocal Version 6 (TCP/IPV6) is checked.


    Reset your network connection:

    1. Click start

    2. Type My PC (may also be listed as "my computer" or "this pc")

    3. Right click what is listed.

    4. Select "Manage"

    5. Go to the device manager.

    6. Under "Network Adapters" find your wireless driver.

    7. Right click your driver and select "update driver software"

    8. Then select Services from the left sidebar.

    9. Right click and restart the following services:

           DHCP client

           DNS Client

           WLAN Autoconfig


    Once those have restarted open command prompt as an administrator and type the following commands:

    1. ipconfig /flushdns

    2. netsh winsock reset

    3. netsh int ipv6 reset


    Then restart the machine. 


    Most of that process is redudant but it essiantially resets your computer's internet connection, including connection services, drivers, and stored caches. 

  • Tekker
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    Dear Tehfcae,


    thank you for your help.


    I have executed each of your steps (except the „WLAN Autoconfig“, because it wasn't in my services (maybe because I have the german Win 8 Version)), but the problem is persistent.


    The only thing I have noticed, is, that in the

    „Freedome TAP Driver“ there is an unchecked checkbox-element called: „Microsoft-Multiplexorprotocol for Networkadapter“.


    The „Internetprotocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)“ is normally checked off.


    As qouted in the screenshot below, there is an error message as an answer from the command „netsh int ipv6 reset“:



    Error 'netsh int ipv6 reset'.gif


    Maybe this is the problem?


    More important things in my estimation I unfortunately haven't noticed.


    Can you please give me more clues to this difficulty?


    With best regards,



  • Tekker
    Tekker Posts: 3 New Member

    Dear Tehfcae,


    here are some more screenshots with errors, the first one does state, that the „FreedomeVPNConnection“ isn't identified and there is no network access:


    Errors in network center.gif


    The second one shows in the status of the „FreedomeVPNConnection“, that in the IPv4- and IPv6-connectivity, there is no network access:


    Status of „FreedomeVPNConnection“.gif



    And the third one shows, that after the network diagnosis of the „FreedomeVPNConnection“, it has no valid IP-configuration:


    „FreedomeVPNConnection“: network diagnosis.gif



    I hope, the screenshots will help solving the problem.





  • Tehfcae
    Tehfcae Posts: 107 Contributor
    You may want to try renaming FreedomeVPNconnection to FreedomeVPNconnection2 Also since the netsh int ipv6 reset failed try this command while running command prompt in as an administrator: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt Then restart the computer.
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