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A laptop I know had various serious Malware and Adware threats on, I have recently installed F-secure Safe. When the installation is complete I have run a scan and it states that there is no Malware found. 


Does anyone know if Malware, viruses are removed on installation of the program? It did state it needed to remove McAfee and another program first before it could complete the installation. 


Would apreciate any help. 


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    F-Secure SAFE installation flow should be with some of checks around "security questions" during install-process.

    Basically.. if there was installed McAfee before... So, one of "check-layers" can be dropped. It's about "cleanup tool" (as online scanner), which comes with brief-check-steps for most critical places of system for detect threats (which already have in system). And remove/clean it.

    Also... there can be small check around most trouble-known things, which can be related with "conflict"-software and other. There also can be detection for some of malicious things.


    It's not full check for malicious items, but time to time can be helpful.  If there was something... probably it will be visible for user.



    If you are sure.. that system can be with something wrong.

    Maybe you need to be sure about settings for F-Secure Scan launching.

    You able to re-check settings for Manual Scanning (under main UI -> Settings -> Manual Scanning) with "check" for "Advanced scan.." and with "uncheck" for "Just known file-types".


    And also... launch Full Scan (which available to be launched.. under Main UI -> Tools-tab -> Scan --> Full Scan).

    It's can be some hours.

    Also F-Secure have some kind of "smart" scan, which can to take just some minutes.. and it's not enough for full meanings of result.


    Sorry for my reply.


    Probably there will be more good advices... tips and solutions from other users and F-Secure team.



    Also can be helpful.... experience with McAfee Uninstall Tool (it's called MCRE?! or something like that... McAfee Removal Tool or around this.. if I normally remember), because some of "pieces" of uninstalled McAfee time to time can be a reason for some troubles with F-Secure installation.

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    It's been a while since I installed FS from scratch, but I believe it does run an initial scan during installation.


    What I would advise, is to run the McAfee uninstaller, which you should be able to find in this list of Uninstallation Tools.  This will remove any remnants of the product which may not have been fully removed during the FS installation.


    I would then consider running a full scan with F-Secure if you think there may still be malware on the machine.  Note that there may be certain types of adware which F-Secure will not remove, so perhaps it might be an idea to also run a scan with Malwarebytes, to make sure that the machine is fully cleaned. 


    Once you've done the full scans once, you don't need to do them again on a regular basis, as FS will detect any suspicious applications if they are downloaded, or attempt to launch, and as an added layer of protection, you can keep Malwarebytes running along side F-Secure, if you choose to. 

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    Do let us know if the responses from @Ukko or @Simon answered your question, or if you need more help :)

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