Updating licence issues... MySafe account does not reflect my 5 licence usages


I have 4 from 5 licences showing as used in MySafe account.

I have 2 PCs. One Dell [Window XP SP3] and one Lenovo [Windows 8].

Both have F-Secure installed. Only one licence is showing allocated as used in MySafe.

The product on the Dell is now stating 'Your computer is not protected. Your prescription has expired. Last successful update check 21/03/2015".

MySafe account states that 'Your license expires on 29/11/2015'.

Have reinstalled with new licences and reboot both PCs, logged in and out, then re-checked MySafe but no update. Logged out MySafe, waited 5 mins, then back in again.

Still no progress and no one ever available in the Chat Support in the UK in the evenings or Weekends.

'Sorry, we're closed

No Technicians are available at this time. Please check back later during our hours of operation'
Can some one PLEASE help.......


  • Ukko
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    It's mean that your situation on current time can be with next setting:

    - four licenses marked as "in use";

    - but just one indeed "in use" and three other "stuck"-licenses;

    - you have two devices (one with normal license and one, which marked as with wrong license)?


    Sorry for my reply, but do you able to remove some of license from My Safe webpage?!

    Also if it's not available... potentially there should be option about "re-use" licenses, when all of them marked as "in use", but you start a new installation (with your license key). It will be:

    - or totally cleaning for all information about "licenses" (such as.. all will be marked as not in use and you should to "re-activate" your devices installation by launch it);

    - or just will be re-use one of licenses (which you will be able to choose).


    Sorry for reply again.

  • Simon
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    Hi Guy,


    When you say you " reinstalled with new licences and reboot both PCs, logged in and out, then re-checked MySafe but no update", how are you actually installing F-Secure?  Are you installing through the SAFE Portal, and are you installing with the same license as registered to your MySAFE account?

  • GuyWatford

    Hi ...  I've been away for a few days.

    My account still only shows one active device under the Your Devices table.

    Where as under the blue Install button only one of five is used.

    How do I get more  / view more licences and activate them ?

    I don't have any more listed in the table, so should I have more than one row in the table ? As per the original question details I've installed and re-installed on both Windows boxes, and can't get more then one devices showing in the table in MySafe, should I ? can I ? don't know what to expect ?

    I am not sure if some thing in MySafe is being shown ?

    Please help.



  • Ukko
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    So maybe you actions should be with next steps:


    -> Choose blue-button "Install" - set up platform/device-name/etc.;


    -> Goes to your system, where license marked as "not a valid" and load system... wait some minutes. And goes to F-Secure (right-click on tray-picture) main settings about Updates... with using "Check Update"-action as example.


    If it's not work.... and your installation does not marked as "valid" after that.

    For first - re-check your "My Safe" page... about "new" second "string" of "license in use" and if it's still marked as "not installed" (small picture under logo of device).... so..

    For second - re-check if you available to re-change license-key under your installation (such as... can be part of global main settings as "My Subscription" and add voucher or something like that).

    If it's not work.... or you not able to get current place with your installation..


    So.. maybe there required... uninstall and install F-Secure again for your device with installer, which you get after "first steps" with set up for new license.




    Sorry for my reply.


    On current time it's looks like that.... you have just one valid license-key.

    *there next can be -> you have one valid subscription -> one valid subscription have five valid license keys -> each license-keys goes to be under one device*;


    For get "in use" next license (two of five) - you need to choose button install.. and your list of devices... will be already about two devices.

    It's will be already (or can be) two different valid license-keys (which comes from one valid subscription) for devices (one for one device.. and another for second device).


    Sorry if.. I wrong understand situation.. and my reply will be not helpful with something around.

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