Connectivity issue - cuts out every 8-10 minutes while using VPN/ How to fix this?

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Hello, I live abroad and oftern use the VPN through Freedome to access country-restricted TV-programs in my home country. There seems to be some connectivity issue and I don't know what is causing it or how to fix it. I am able to start the TV program on the channels on-demand app without any problems. But then after about 8-10 minutes it cuts out, ending the TV program I was just watching. I have to restart the program and then jump to the position where it previously cut out. I continue doing this every 8-10 minutes. It gets a bit frustrating, to say the least.

Is there nay way I can fix this? Any ideas on what may be causing this problem? This issue is not present when Freedome is off.


I use a Samsung Tab 2.0 with Android 4.2.2 (I think)


Thanks for all your advice in advance,



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    Hello Essi,


    Is the issue affecting all your TV-streaming apps or only one(can you provide the name)? Has the problem always existed or started recently?

  • Essi
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    Hi Ben,

    I only ever use the YLE Areena app (with VPN virtual location set to Finland), to access the Finnish national TV broadcasts.This issue has been there as long as I have used Freedome. However, they have just updated the app 2 days ago, and now the cutting-out issue seems to have solved itself. So, looks like it was the apps fault.


    However, a new problem has now appeared. Freedome supposedly slows down my internet connection to the point that the app automatically lowers the resolution of the video that I am watching. There is no option to select the video bitrate manually, it automatically just selects the best quality suitable for the internet speed.


    Is there any way that I can fix the issue with the speed? How can I maintain it at such a level that the automatic function in the app doesn't keep switching the resolution of the video every few minutes? Most often the automatic system selects the worst bitrate and video quality is not really watchable (picture quality is shockingly poor... :-( )


    Here's the app:


    Thanks for your help again,


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    All VPNs will slow internet speeds around 60% from your networks speed. You probably need faster local internet to support streaming.

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