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I noticed that the mobile version of F-Secure Search doesn't  work anymore. It just redirects me to F-Secure SAFE website.

The desktop version of it works just fine.


Has anyone any idea why is that and what is the idea behind that?


  • Ukko
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    It's interesting for me too. Just because I met same situation a week ago.

    But my first experience was with "explanation"-page. After that I check some of other devices and found that.... other platforms/browsers will be with "silence"-redirect. Probably it's related with settings about "search-engine". And if.... you have F-Secure Search as default search-engine... any trying to use it.. will be with prevention-page. But direct-visit will be with redirect.

    My first experience was about Windows Phone and F-Secure Safe Browser.

    And there (still... probably) I able to get page about words, which should be explanation (but I not really understand it). It's sounds like that (sorry that it's not really "quote"):


    "Thanks-words about using F-Secure Search and explanation that starting from 09.03.2015... the mobile features of F-Secure Search are not longer supported there. But F-Secure Search will be available for desktops/laptops and ?! with any web browsers....  just because it's available to get web-version (?!) of F-Secure Search with next URL". 


    Next URL - of course.... original link for F-Secure Search and which comes for me with "explanation-page" (originally during use it as search-engine) or with "redirect" to F-Secure Safe (during trying to visit the link or other variants).

    Also current "explanation-page" with advice to trying use F-Secure Safe :) .


    So... it's looks like and sounds like.... there not really available to use F-Secure Search with mobile devices (?!). But I not really understand reasons for that. Except... something with search-providers for search-results or something other as main trouble-point (because I not understand... which mobile features was there too much specific, than totally different background with web/desktop version).


    Sorry for my reply.



  • las97
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    Thank you for answering!

    I noticed the issue on my Windows Phone also (I use FS Protection). Then I tried to enter F-Secure Search on my Anroid tablet, where I use it as a default search engine (Firefox), but same problem there.


    Actually now when you mentioned that, I remember I got the same pop-up window (as you did) on my Windows Phone at the first time.


    But still I have no idea why the mobile features won't be supported any longer.

    Actually right now I think it was quite stupid decision from them.

    I wish they could give some kind of an answer...



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