f- secure will not download on windows 8.1

i have downloaded f-secure on windows 7 with no problems but when i download on my wife laptop windows 8.1 it will not do it i keep get a message up it say the new product automatically replaces your currently installed version of the product i updated the laptop but it still wont install 


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser
    So, do you already have a version of F-Secure installed on the 8.1 laptop?
  • no i dont it will not download 

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser
    I'm assuming there is no other anti virus software installed on the laptop, and that any previous other products have been fully removed?

    Try running the Uninstall Tool linked to below, reboot, then try the installation again. It may have partially installed, hence the error message. If that doesn't work, please post a screenshot of the error message, so we can understand it more clearly.

  • i put that address in on the windows 8.1 try to download the tool and it saying this app can't run on your pc to find a version for your pc check with the software publisher

  • Jayson
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    Hi supermuppet,


    Could you please provide a bit more details such as:
    a.) Which F-Secure product you have subscribed? (F-Secure SAFE/ Internet Security/ etc.)
    b.) What is the website address you have downloaded the installer?




    Best Regards,

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