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Hello team,

In your Privacy Policy, in section "What do we collect and what do we do with it", in the subsection "Your private information", the 3rd and 4th points concern me greatly.

What exactly do you do to achieve screening of traffic and whether to allow it or not?
Do you actually know/log the IP addresses or Domain names of websites I visit? Or do you use DNS to choose whether to allow me to visit a domain or not? Or do you simply Virus scan the traffic?
In case, it's the last one, what if the traffic is encrypted with TLS, will revert to using the origin IP of the website or DNS in your access control policy?

Regarding point 4, what stats do you collect and, much more importantly, how do you "break down" my traffic? Do I understand that you further break down domain names to their CNAMEs and paths as well in that website to monitor traffic for malicious activity?

Please understand where I'm coming from and the reason behind my questions as a VPN user, as I, like most others here, am trying to protect my privacy, not substitute a power for another to dictate what I browse as an access policy. I trusted your company as it resides in Finland and am only asking you this because I need to keep trusting you.



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