Does Freedome work in China?

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The family is headed off to China for a heritage tour.  I'm researching VPN services.  Since I use Internet Security at home, I figured I'd check with F-secure.  Primary tools will be an iPad and an Android tablet.  No PCs on this trip. 

So, Does Freedome work in China?  Any recommendations.


Also, I used the online contact of customer service to ask similar questions about the product and NEVER received a reply.  Not even the courtesy to just say "we really do not know."  Any other folks having trouble receiving responses from customer service?  


Other VPNs I've researched:  VyprVPN, StorngVPN, and HideMyAss.  Any other options I should consider before making a commitment?  





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    Currently I beleive China does not block most VPN services. They go back and forth on what VPNs they block so it is hard to say if f-secure is blocked or not as it may change tomorrow or in a week.


    Depending on the router you use, you may be able to set up a VPN into your home network. you may also want to look into Tunnelbear, disconnect for the android, surf easy or private internet access.

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    Much appreciated for the resonse, though a bit late.  After research, I did use a VPN, though not yours, and did get connection.   And yes, it was hit and miss what servers I was able to connect with.  I really feel sorry for the people not having the freedom to surf and communicate using well known social sites and mail.  


    Again, thanks!



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