Freedome android pricing

 I was recently trialling the vpn antivirus/vpn beta which expired today.
 I had thought when I checked yesterday the monthly auto renew pricing was around £1.50 - was I mistaken? Did it change recently? Did a promotion expire? 
I also thought I saw both a one off fee, and an auto renew fee, the latter being cheaper
I'm only seeing a £2.29 auto renew option now



  • TorasT
    TorasT Posts: 1

    Yes, apparently they saw a need to change the pricing.


    Old pricing

    Annual, auto-renewing 16.99€

    Monthly, auto-renewing 1.99€

    1 month, fixed term 2.99€


    The previous price was perfect for my low use on android. I only need the app a couple of times a month and I was going to buy a subscription after my trial period expired.


    After this move I don't think I can't justify the almost 100% price hike. I only need this on my android phone and 16.99€/year sounded perfect for my low usage of about 2 GB/month, of which only a couple hundred megs is freedome traffic.


    For PC, 29.99€/year is a fair price, but not for android and I will not be buying a subscription. I will also not recomment this to acquaintances and friends anymore.


    Regards, Toras

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