what is "f" stands for? for f***???

with f***secure my pc has a virus, can't get any help, not online, not one picking up the phone - angry. have f-secure on my other pc - **bleep**. NORTON 380 - THE BEST!!


  • I'm sorry but Norton? come on? i wouldnt even let my grandmother use that crap. Let alone infest my pc with it.
  • I've been using Norton for 5 or 6 years and always had easy access to online and phone support. With my new pc I have f-secure and here you are, I have black screen and no support from the company!!!
  • ok, I do have a product issuse, and the reason I am here, that I cannot get any help. as I mentioned before, no one picking the 24/7 phone, and also when I trying to get help online is always: "Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly." but after 10-12 min "Technician Console has ended the session". (btw, it always Console). I spent all evening yesterday and morning today contacting f-secure - no luck. That is the reason I am angry and very upset. I am writing this message from my other pc
  • 2eemeli
    2eemeli Posts: 95 Enthusiast

    What is the issue,


    you got an Virus which cannot be removed or has some application problems running when F-Secure IS is installed?


    Buy the way what product/service do you use from fsecure.


    Black screen doesn't say a lot, you would need to describe somewhat more clear the steps how you got the black screen.


    OS would help as well.

  • thank you 2eemeli
  • Jari-P
    Jari-P Posts: 44 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi fksecure,


    We are definitely looking into this and it would be nice if you can describe what is the issue, so we can help you.

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