freedome install/connect problems tizzbird n1

i have installed freedome for android on my tizz bird butwhen i (latest firmware )switchprotection on it loops for a couqple of minutes then says protection off. I know it is not my network as freedomn works quite well on another android device I
My questiiion is is there any diagnostic tool in freedome to tell me what is wrong with my android installatio.. i.e. it does not have google play services could that be the problem


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    It might be so that the Tizzbird device doesn't have the VPN functionality enabled in the firmware. This seems often to be the case with various Android devices meant to be connected to TV like Tizzbird.

  • Tehfcae
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    From what I can gather about Tizzbird, they are unable to use OpenVPN protocols through the Freedome app. There may be away to use the VPN using the OpenVPN android app:

    I can not personally recommend that as I have not attempted it. However, Freedome uses OpenVPN protocol so theoretically, it could work. However, I am unsure if tizzbird can run any secure VPN protocols let alone OpenVPN. I would like to stress that this is only in theory and I can not vouch for it's success.
  • I want try the f secure freedome vpn app, but i have connections problems also. I have a android tv box cs918 with 4.4.2 android version. When i hit connect it tries to connect to a server but after a couple of seconds it fails the connection
    i have accepted the security warning in the beginning.
    hope anybody could help out. Thanks.

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    I was unable to find any way of android TVs to connect using OpenVPN protocols. At this manual for android tvs ( I did find that they are capable of doing PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec protocals Unfortunetly Freedome uses openVPN. I am unable to find any documentation online regarding openVPN protocals and android TVs.


    So you may be able to run the protocal using the openVPN app ( It is not a gaurentee but it is worth a shot. Let us know if it works or not.

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    Hello Terrandroid,


    In reference to Tapsa's post above, it might be that the VPN functionality is not enabled in the firmware of your TV.

  • Well i have i vpn option on my tv box but i don't know how to set it up. It needs a password and server address.
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