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Hey guys,


Is it just me or is the settings ui so complicated.

I find it kinda annoying that there are so menu different settings menus (common, scan settings, protection settings, ...) why isn't there one single settings window that you can open from the main ui window and the tray icon menu?


The second thing that is (in my opinion)  anoying that I can't change the language (without reinstalling?).

I am curently changing all my software to English (especially because it's the universal language for beta testing software). But as it seems there is no option in the settings menus to change the language after installation. Am I wrong?


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    I must admit, I can't quite see the logic in having some of the settings in the right click system tray icon menu, and some in the main interface. I've often found myself having to think where things are. Perhaps it would be more intuitive if all of the settings were in the same place?
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    Hi @MaikTX 


    You're right. This fragmentation is caused by historical things (as always). The product is not really a single product originally but 3 different independent entities. The settings still reflect this but we have plans to improve it.


    Language can only be set during installation. The language is selected automatically based on Windows language, which works fine for 99% of users. If you want to change it to different language, you must give command-line parameter "-l" (small L) to installer.



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