Please Help with Severe Problems with my SAFE login and Subscription

I have a recurring problem with My F-Secure SAFE telling me that first I had no subscription. It states that my subscription was cancelled. I called Cleverbridge and confirmed that I was charged once on order reference number  please ask me F-Secure for number the original SAFE subscription then I paid another  19 something dollars for another subscription via reference number please ask F-Secure for number  then called customer tech support and I had reset my password multiple times on my own. They sent me a password reset link and I used that link and then my account and devices were restored. I just signed in now and I get the same error message again that my subscription is cancelled? I would please like assistance in this very confusing matter. Thank you very much in advance.Rich Walston


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    I also have contacted Cleverbridge of course to get answers. They then told me it was not but the following : e-mail of You can use this e-mail to log-in and activate your account. This would be an acceptable answer if when I put the address in. The F-Secure safe kicked it back stating that there is no account associated with that e-mail at all. In red letters.


    This puts me back at square one because somehow by you guys at F-Secure reseting the password on it fixed it and my account was available again. Then my second login it was giving me the account was cancelled message. Once again this is really preplexing. hmmmm....




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    Sorry, I can't help with the main issue, but you need to edit your post to remove your personal email data. This is a public forum and you privacy is at risk by posting personal details.
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    Hi, have you had any luck getting this straightened out?
  • Enfcmedic384
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    Hi Chris sy this is still so bad and I am so very sorry I missed your kind reply asking how it was going so long ago. This is consistent battle and it seems to have something to do with the Neighbors screwing up all my wireless connections. The cable company picked up a wireless bridge over there but then why it says on your site consistently that my subscription was completely cancelled and I got a refund when I did no such thing. I think it is time. To resolve this once and for all. It is time for me to move forward and close this door and these neighbors need to do that as well.

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