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this really is a useless company ,i have never had any trouble with any other company,but was forced into this by virgin,

it took day of frustion to add my other four divices ,it is now on the divices ..now it says phone needs scan but say i have to log in   WHY  when trying to log in with exacly  the same login as my pc (ok) the phone tells me not known, when put in retreave password it also say email not registed. yet the app say i am prected  .?????

do you think the managment might have a clue


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser
    Unfortunately I can't help with this as I don't use FS on my phone, but it might help someone else to help you if you were to give us a little more information, such as, which phone and operating system you are having problems with.

    You may be better off raising a support ticket, if this is a licensing issue, as we can't usually help with those on the forum.
  • julium
    julium Posts: 7

    the phone is a motor g and on my phone its says im covered for all the thing antivirus etc ,but will not let me log in. it also says ss payed 281 days left .it asks on the scroll down ,needs scan but when clicking on to do goes to my safe log in...so dones it automaticly 

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    @Ben - any suggestions on this? Is it normal to have to login to perform a scan? When I tried SAFE for Mobiles on my HTC, I don't recall having to do so.



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    This behavior seems abnormal. 

    Julium, could you provide screenshots of the problems(make sure to edit any personal information such as email adddresses or subscription key)?


    I would also advise to contact our support so that they can help you better.

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