VPN issue and question.


Dear Mister, Madam,

After having used your VPN service freedome for the essay period. I am hesitating to get a copy of it.
Indeed, some issues are coming out of my trial.
I need a Spanish IP to access different website that are not available in France, I am so on using mainly Spanish IP.
Also, I found out there are only 2 different IP for this location, and one is banned for one of the services I need to check, probably for former boting or DDOS attack reasons, so it is a problem.
Furthermore, I have had issues during Sunday where I have a really high ping issues during this day of the week.
Could you please give me feedbacks about these issues and tell me if you can make sure they are taken care by your development team?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards.


  • Tapsa
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    We have had some capacity issues on our Spanish gateways and we're investigating what is causing them.


    We aren't aware of our Spanish servers being banned from accessing some service. I'll contact you with a private message for further details.


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