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I have just purchased a new windows computer and tried to register for f secure safe. I have created an account via my iPad however every time I try to log in on my computer I type the username and password. Click to login and it takes me back to the log in page. I am able to log in via my iPad. I am so confused as I need to log in on the windows pic so I can protect the pc. Any suggestions?


  • Simon
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    Someone else posted a not dissimilar query yesterday:

    This makes me wonder if there might be something wrong with the login page - @Ben @Ville ?

    I just wonder, could you try registering your PC from the iPad that will log in? I believe you can send an email link to another device, but without trying it myself, which I'm not able to do right now, I'm not sure that will work. I'll be on my main PC later this morning, so will give it a go then.
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    OK, I've done some testing, and I can login to my SAFE portal from both my main PC, and my (Android) phone.  I can then send an email link from one device to another by clicking the Install button in the SAFE portal.  So, I don't think this is a problem with the website itself (tested on


    I note that you say you created your SAFE account via your iPad - I'm wondering if that isn't the full F-Secure SAFE package, as only the SAFE Browser is available for iOS devices?

  • julium
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    go to another company as i can never make this work ,

  • Simon
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    I'm a little surprised at your comment, Julium, as according to this thread, you had everything working:

    My initial thoughts on AmandaO's problem is that she is trying to register a product to an incompatible device, but until she comes back to us, that is only a guess.

    It would probably be better to try to help you with your latest problem in your other thread, but I would advise that you drop the aggressive nature of your posts, if you would like people to help you. Smiley Wink
  • Swine
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    Can log in on desktop and on a laptop, but on our thirs computer, also a laptop we cannot login with the correct name and password. This seems to be a problem with your software that you have a hard time fixing. The issue is when you create your login name and password on one computer you cannot recognize it one a defferent computer.



  • Ukko
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    On devices... where you not able to login... can not be something from next points:


    -> Browser with disabled JavaScript and cookies;

    -> Browser with some of plugins (something as NoScript)?


    I have normal experience about login with some of devices (five/seven devices with same/different platforms - Linux and some of Windows versions; and some of mobile platforms - Windows Phone and Android).

    Can to reproduce troubles around login-process (with normal passwords/login) as can be  related with description from current topic (and related another topic):

     -> with disabled javascript (it was before) or blocking for all cookies (or enough "high"-level probably with Internet Explorer as example) under browser's settings;

     -> with outdated version of IceWeasel under outdated Linux-platform; But there will be "mistake"-prompt under page, which will be visible.. as "something wrong".

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