Freedome + TOR, is it possible to configure exit-node to communicate with Freedome


Is it possible to configure Freedome to work together with TOR.


To be more spesific, is it possible to configure Windows client, Freedome and TOR so that

- Windows TOR Browser traffic will go into Freedome tunnel

- The tunnel is inside the TOR network

- The TOR exit node communicates with Freedome server (encrypted traffic)

- The freedome server communicates with the final destination.


This is something like: TorBrowser -> VPN -> TOR -> Exit-Node -> VPN -> public internet


And to setup this *without* Virtual Machine systems inside the client Windows?




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    Hello JustPassingby,


    This kind of configuration is at this time untested and not supported.

  • Hi, Thank you so much for your reply !

    I understand that above configuration is a bit complicated and might be difficult to implement.


    May I ask a further question: Does Freedome support more common and more simple way of Tor-connection where Windows TOR-Firefox traffic goes into Freedome. This means that Freedome Server is acting as traffic origin and next step is Tor entry node. Sorry, this is a bit difficult to explain : )


    What I mean is like: Windows TOR-Firefox Browser (->TOR.exe) -> Freedome tunnel -> Freedome Server -> TOR Entry node...and so on.


    This is not very clear to me either. Does tor.exe traffic find its way into Freedome tunnel or not....?

    (normally tor.exe is kind of a traffic encryption and routing process between Firefox and PC network adapter).



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