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As F-Secure's latest versions are getting more and more user-made, please write into About window of products to whom belongs big used ideas, for example who's idea was to make Launch Pad as base of FS products(as is now).



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    Thanks for the input. Large products such as IS2012/PSC are the result of coordinated work by a very big group of people, so it is not always feasible to trace an idea back to a particular person. Ideas usually change considerably on the journey from idea to productization as people contribute to them.
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    Heh, launch pad was my idea back then and everybody was so happy when we finally got rid of it :)

    ...but yes, it is not fair to name individual person as the source of an idea as we have tens or even hundreds of people working even harder on getting them out. We should list all the people who work for the product like in the movie end credits.


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