How do I send emails when Freedome for Windows PC is switched ON

I have tried the solution below without success:


I conacted my ISP's Technical Support (Big Pond Australia) and was advised the problem was beyond their knowledge.  They offered to refer me to their "Platinum" technical advice service for a one off fee of $AU120.00.  Surely the problem is not that complicated.


I have Freedome on my Android mobile phone and my Android tablet and have no problems with email even though I am using the same settings as my Windows PC.


I hope someone can help as I wish to purchase Freedome for all 3 devices but will not do so unless the email problem is sorted out on my PC.


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Cranky51,


    Did you make sure to enable authentication and SMTPS(SSL encryption) when switching the port to 465?

    Did your ISP contact confirm that they support such configuration?

  • Yes I did enable authentication and SSL encryption when switching the port to 465. My ISP contact was usesless.
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