How do I send emails when Freedome for Windows PC is switched ON

I have tried the solution below without success:


I conacted my ISP's Technical Support (Big Pond Australia) and was advised the problem was beyond their knowledge.  They offered to refer me to their "Platinum" technical advice service for a one off fee of $AU120.00.  Surely the problem is not that complicated.


I have Freedome on my Android mobile phone and my Android tablet and have no problems with email even though I am using the same settings as my Windows PC.


I hope someone can help as I wish to purchase Freedome for all 3 devices but will not do so unless the email problem is sorted out on my PC.


  • BenBen Posts: 2,640

    Hello Cranky51,


    Did you make sure to enable authentication and SMTPS(SSL encryption) when switching the port to 465?

    Did your ISP contact confirm that they support such configuration?

  • Yes I did enable authentication and SSL encryption when switching the port to 465. My ISP contact was usesless.
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