FS Ultralight AV "Send feedback" button and search not working

I tried to send feedback from within the app and the button doesn't don anything. Also, it said type feedback in order to send feedback but typing in the search doesn't work if you press enter or click on the search button

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    Sorry for my reply.

    Probably button should be work just if you have installed some of mail-clients (such as Windows Mail, Thunderbird and etc.);

    About search (?!) - but where you have information about current design? How I can to understand... search form.. just as "filter". Such as.. you can to add "feedback" under search-form... and will be just entries/strings... where have word "feedback'. Such as.... if you have a lot of notifications under UI....  not so hard to create "feedback" (under search-form) and get just one about "button"-entry (or need to goes and manually goes to first ones notifications). Any actions under search form.. will be as "search"-characters (include "enter");


    Not sure... if mail-address can be a valid and can be helpful. Such as - what if it's not really work?! :)

    But probably more helpful - wait answer/response from F-Secure team there.


    Anyway I also created private letter for you.


  • Oh ok, thanks for the clarification. I don't have an email client as I use gmail online.
    I understand that the search is more of a filter for the messages from the app.
    Thanks for the info!
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