New version of Cleanup Tool for FS Protection

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Tested and seems fine to me.  To be honest, it's a while since I used it last, and I can't remember what it looked like before, so I can't really comment on the “Skip”/”Stop and Close” buttons. 


I like the fact that removed items go to the product quarantine.  I'm not sure if this is *new*, but full removal of items without any user interaction was a concern for me before.



  • Ukko
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    All nice, but....


    J., M., M., K., M., B., A., D.,

    How to activate most secret page? Smiley SadSmiley Sad


    OK, it was not so hard  :):)  or it's just magic-request work (?!).

  • cerojase
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    -I really like the new interface, i think that color scheme should be applyed to the hole f secure suite.

    - I dont think most peopple will miss the skip/close buttom, but as system administrator i do, specially if im performing several task on that pc, the tool doesnt have to much cpu resources comsuption thougt (as you can see on the snap) but havent tested on older machines (this is an amd 8core pc)Captura.PNG

    -For the same reason i could use a start buttom


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