Laptop hangs when lid is closed




I have just installed F-Secure on a Samsung laptop.  Now, when I shut the lid instead of going to sleep and walking up when I re-open the lid, the laptop just hangs.


All I get is a black screen and unresponsive keyboard, although it is still powered up.  The only way I can get out of this is to force a power down, and reboot the laptop.  All of the lid behaviour settings are set to Sleep.


This happens every time I close the lid, and is deeply annoying.  I've tried switching off the Samsung FastStart, thinking it might be getting hung up, but it makes no difference.


Can anyone help or give me some suggestions?


If I can't sort this problem then F-Secure is going in the bin.





  • CharlesB

    Sorted it.  You were right about the previous virus software.  McAfee hadn't uninstalled correctly, despite showing that it had.  I downloaded a McAfee cleanup tool to strip out McAfee correctly, and that did the trick.



  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Great, glad it's sorted. :)
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