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I am running D-view cam montering 6 D-view cams. Problem started when I installed F-Secure suite from Charter. All is well until a few hours later I check and 4 of the 6 cams are disconnected. I go into F-secure and diable it and the 4 cameras connect. Enable F-Secure and all is well until a few hrs later. I have disabled the firewall and nothing changes, the only way I have found is to disable the entire suite to get the cameras back online. D-view has run with no issues on this pc with this router until F-secure was installed.

Any sugestion where to look for a fix? The cameras record all the time on this pc.


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    I have experienced this very same issue with the D-ViewCam software, and two cameras.

    If I disable all security features in the F-Secure product, or I uninstall it, the cameras work just fine.

    As soon as I enable all security features, or re-install the application, the cameras no longer can connect.


    I submitted a ticket with F-Secure lat week on this along with the diagnostic logs, but because I am running a re-branded application (provided for free from my cable provider) F-Secure refuses to support it.

    My cable provider is not going to be able to resolve this issue as it is an issue with the F-Secure security suite.


    Here are some of the things I did during troubleshooting.

    Disabled DeepScan feature, turned on D-ViewCam. Cameras couldnt connect.

    Disabled the firewall feature, turned on D-ViewCam. Cameras couldnt connect.

    Disabled the Anti-virus protection feature, turned on D-ViewCam. Cameras couldnt connect.

    I did these one at a time.

    I then disabled all three feature, turned on D-ViewCam. Cameras couldnt connect.


    The only way the cameras successfully connected was by using the "Turn off all security features" option in the F-Secure application (or uninstalling it)


    This tells me that dispite turning off one or all three of the manageable features (Deep Scan, Firewall, and Anti-virus), there is still something running within the F-Secure application that is preventing the connections from the cameras into the system running F-Secure.


    My solution.... uninstall F-Secure and purchaser a different vendor product.


    It would be great if F-Secure supported their product, but I was unsuccessful in getting them to see they needed to.

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