FS-protection system icoon

@Ville> The icon of FS-protection is with the latest upgrade made white.
I personally feel that this has become much more difficult to see than the last icon in the system tray.



  • yeoldfart
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    I submitted it today as a bug

  • I think its not a bugg,

    but the icoon before was better to see.

    This one is al white.

    I must say that i like this icoon more >>>>



    <<<<< You know then better who the security provider is.








  • I agree with you entirely, this icon you gave 'that' is very cool, but better for me it would be " F "on the blue background, or the same blue F.

  • yeoldfart
    yeoldfart Posts: 542 Superuser

    really thought it's a bug

  • I think this is the best one of the system logo's


    This is the Nr. 1  for me.


    And the Nr. 2 for me is this one


  • I am voting for number 1Smiley Wink

  • mp07
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    I have the same white icon on my desktop now from the last update.  I don't really like it.  Its the same tv or monitor looking icon that it was before, but all the color is out of it, its just plain white.  

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