TP132 Windows Client Release

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FS Protection PC Release 132

  • Common Component Framework 2.32 build 288
  • Antivirus 14.132 build 100
  • Browsing protection 2.132 build 3258

New features


  •  Improved connection error messages in login dialog

Fixed issues


  • Last and next update check times not updated when timezone changed (CTS-95956)
  • If installation is aborted but resumed from confirmation, user may have to elevate again (CTS-95936)
  • Misleading wording in Action Center (CTS-95874)


  • LOC RUS: Antivirus About window (CTS-95848)
  • FSMA not running after boot (CTS-95777)

  • Display errors in the settings (CTS-95931)

  • New drop down control does not look right (CTS-95916)

  • Virus protection flyer disappears after cleaning operation (CTS-95898)

Browsing Protection:

  • No deny icon displayed for blocked unrated sites (CTS-94694) 
  • Logo missing or not visible in BP settings (CTS-95847)
  • Cannot acces site with banking protection active (CTS-95844)
  • Time Limits Flyer Not Removed When User Lock Occurs (CTS-95902)
  • Overlapping texts in Browsing Protection in Russian (CTS-95491)
  • ORSP failure handling is broken (CTS-95860)
  • Time Limits Permitted Time Not Allowed (CTS-95913)
  • Switching device lock to Internet block doesn't take into effect immediately (CTS-95929)
  • Time limit device block does not cover desktop fully (CTS-95912)
  • Time Limits Next Time Wrong & Inconsistent (CTS-95900)


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    Everything was updated without the problem, the GUI looks much better with these coloursSmiley Happy

  • Simon
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    All installed fine.  :)

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Not sure I'm keen on the all white desktop / systray icons.  Seems a bit too minimalist to me. 

  • klima89
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    Better for me like previous, but still I would prefer the standard icon with the log F-Secure
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for reply.


    Just interesting - "preview-intro" after clean installation (?) as introduce to FS Protection (which was before with Android F-Secure SAFE and Windows Phone F-Secure SAFE; or just something same) should be with available option for "manual" re-locate step?

    I mean there "four steps" (and some of them with "multi-view" per step) and probably it's not available to re-locate manually. And need to wait.. when time-limit for each "step" done and if you missing something - need to wait next "circle". Or maybe available just to force "step", but not available to "pause" step (?!).


    Maybe it's can not be helpful, but my first experience about current intro.. comes with "brief-view" for some of steps and I have to wait repeating of circle for look it :). Or it's just a first realization and will be re-design for current point with new additional things and improving-points?

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