F-Secure does not stand idly by in protecting you.

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I remember that I once asked for a recommendation from a teacher for University. He used a quote from Irish/English statesman Edmund Burke to describe me. He told me that I was never the person to stand idly by and do nothing while evil or injustice is committed. It was an Application for a Medic program and I got in. That is absolutely enough about me. F-Secure is a for profit corporation and let us be honest about that. They still are the only company out of all Anti-virus firms that does not stand idly by and leave you to get eaten alive by the bad guys.


I found the quote from Burke and it is the following :"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) We have this indifference here in the United States. Is your hardware and Cell Phone on fire? Do you go into the Sprint or AT&T store and the staff ask what is this tape covering your I phone's Camera? This is the world of ignorance we live in even after multiple tests have been done that now show your car via Bluetooth can be hacked. The worst in some studies it reveals that your brakes can be effected by this. I have no idea what ANY ENGINEERING team was thinking. To have connected any one of those parts together.


I am so glad their is F-Secure because they are all good men and women that Never stand idly by and let you be a victim helplessly. The reason being is this will only get worse. If you are currently bereft of funds and in addition F-Secure does not currently make a Unified Threat Module. The best you can do is F-Secure Safe and Freedom up.


Thanks God for F-Secure to do the right thing. The government and everyone else expect your whole life sold wholesale. Why especially since I have truly no criminal record at all. I would really like to know?



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