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In another thread from 2013 you describe that Freedome is coming to Mac OS X "later" this year. I couldn't find updated information from anywhere or any official statement about Mac support.


Any chance you could update the Freedome for Mac schedule for us? Would you need / accept beta testers?



  • Enfcmedic384
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    I would love to have Freedom for Macintosh. It is by far one of F-Secure's most helpful products. PARTICULARLY IF BOTH NEIGHBORS seem to have roaming Wi-Fi network fingers. I only have the choice of little Snitch 3.5 as network firewall protectìon. Then I use another third party VPN ahem because I have no choice Smiley Sad.
  • Ben
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    Freedome for Mac, is still in the making but we should get a beta program starting for it in the coming months.


    We will update you when we have more details on that.

  • Jhx
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    Great news and thanks for the reply. As I'm probably not the only Mac user out there browsing for different VPN solutions, you could maybe state "Mac OS X coming 2015" in the system requirements... instead of just being totally silent about the OS X support.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thanks for the feedback.


    I'll pass it on to the people in charge.

  • I agree with Jhx.


    You are doing yourself a huge disservice by not keeping potential customers informed of your plans with OS X.

    There are many potential customers such as myself who are searching for a reliable and trustworthy one-stop VPN service to use on all their devices, especially OS X.


    Having now used your VPN service on all the iOS devices in my household, I'm impressed enough to hold on until you release support for OS X, but you seem to remain silent on that front while many other customers are probably not willing to wait and are choosing the full range of services on offer from your competitors.


    You risk losing a part of the market that would make me very unhappy if I were a shareholder.

  • Tomek
    Tomek Posts: 3

    I am interested in a Mac OS X version, too. When is the estimated release date? Does it make sense for me to wait or should I move on? 

  • Ben
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    Hello Tomek,


    See this press release.

    " Freedome for Mac was unveiled at F-Secure's MobileFocus Global event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1, and will be rolled out during the second quarter of 2015."

  • Tomek
    Tomek Posts: 3


    thank you for your fast response. I cross my fingers that the development team can make it before the summar vacations. 

  • teaneedz
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    If I purchase Freedome for 3 devices now, will the Mac version be automatically added as an option without having to purchase a different plan later?

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    @teaneedz OSX version of Freedome should be covered by multi-platforms subscriptions, once it is officially released.

  • Saukko
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    I have freedome in my ipad. It used to work but now i can´t anymore chance my country.  I am in Helsinki and when I try to chance my ip to other countries my ip stays here.  I can also see that from showmyipaddress.  If i choose uk freedome claims that i chance my ip in to London but it is not true.   Before freedome also remembered the country i had selected but not anymore.   So I need some help.

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Saukko,


    Since when do you observe this behavior? What are the versions of Freedome and IOS you are using?

  • sasazasa
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  • Freddydj
    Freddydj Posts: 3

    I have the code to activate freedom for mac but no palce to type it in.

    I have 3 days left on my trial period and the only thing that it does is to promt me to purchase?


    Where do i type my registration code in freedom mac beta?



  • Paivi
    Paivi Posts: 80 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Freddy,


    Please uninstall the beta client and download the release version at:





  • Freddydj
    Freddydj Posts: 3
    tried to do that, all ok but when entering my code to " have code" it says " valitadin voucher " and after a while comes " could not confirm your code. Please try again later" this has happen numerous times. i did put beta version in the trash, emptied it and the restarted my mac. any ideas? i am in north china so my internet connections really, realy need this.
  • Freddydj
    Freddydj Posts: 3
    Hi Päivi, the link you gave me does not work...i do not know why. i could be that the great firewall of china has something to do with it. it can not be a sollution to load beta version again, i am asking for a promt solution to this. it is proventing me to do my work. Eeven this site is so and so if i can use it anymore.
  • Tapsa
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    If you cannot open the link (, it is quite likely that something, typically a firewall in the network is blocking your access to our site. You may try to access the link from some other network, if possible. 


    Unfortunately there is little we can do if for example a government is blocking access to some addresses in their firewall. It is beyond our control.


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