Is this a true Charter Security Suite Popup?


I got a popup screen that says "New version available" New version of Charter Security Suite has been downloaded and is ready to be installed. Please click "Install now" to start the installation now, or "Reminde me later" to be reminded about the installation at a later time.


It has an icon that is a globe with two green arrows in reverse direction as if to "refresh". I ignored it but it repeatedly popped up even when not online. After a few days, my icon for Charter Security Suite said "unprotected".


My other computer has no such problem -- this is on a Mac OS 10.6.8


  • fsecureuser2015

    I should add that Charter says that all software and virus definitions are automatic, there should never be a need to manually install to new version of the software. I'm disturbed by this, as my other computer doesn't get this pop up and that version of the file has a mod date that's even older.


    Is that true!?

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