getting other device on

i have f -s on my main computer, but cannot log my other 4  items 2 phones laptop and kindle,

the chat man was useless,when i get inot add device put phone number in it asks for name of device 

no matter what i put in it keeps sayin to long or wrong characters .,i put in  motog, "moto" "Moto"

etc but nothing then it keeps logging me out ,why do these companies make evrything so complicated'

why not just a name in normal type,can someone give a better example of what is required



  • cant help but am having the same problem.


    i have 4 lisences left but it keeps saying lisence in use when i try and install it on another laptop


    bloody useless!!!!!!!

  • Simon
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    Just to add to this, I can confirm that I have successfully added my Android phone to my SAFE account, using the name 'HTC One M8', so I don't think this problem can be anything to do with the name.
  • thanks for that

  • Thanks to all problem now solved
  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser
    Good to hear. :)
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