Why F-Secure Search using Google ads is a really bad idea

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I searched on "You Tube" using F-Secure Search and here are the results:

1) You Yuble - wow.com
    Search for You Yuble‎ Look Up Quick Results Now!

2) Funny videos, funny clips - video-funny.com
    Watch funny videos and funny clips.‎ Funny images, funny pictures, pics.

3) You Tube - We Are Here To Help You For Free - FixYa.com
    Solving Problems Is Easy As 123

4) Free Downloadable Videos - WorldsLastChance.com
    Download The Most Viewed End Time‎ Bible Prophecy Videos Online Today!

5) YouTube

    Share your videos with friends, family, and the world.

Almost the entire first page is spam at best and possibly malware. Using Google for the search results is a bad idea because:
- The search results are NOT the best available. Google and Bing list youtube.com as the first result. Duckduckgo has one sponsored ad and then youtube.com. Ixquick has one or two sponsored ads and then youtube.com. I'm sure Duckduckgo or Ixquick would love to partner with F-Secure.

- The ads do not look like ads and look like recommended links. Unsophisticated computer users might click on one of the first four results expecting F-Secure to make good on its promise of "We Will Protect You," but even sophisticated users might click on one of the ads.

- Feeding the Google-beast is contributing to a monopoly.

I cannot recommend F-Secure Search to my friends and acquaintances for the above reasons.

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